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Ceramic Coating Special

3 Year Ceramic Coating

Includes 1 Step Paint Enhancement & Quick Interior Detail 


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About Us

Welcome to Hawaiian Style Auto Detailing, with over a Decade of Experience we are proud to serve our clients in the Northern AZ with Aloha. 

Whether at our Shop or on Mobile we always treat your vehicle as a Top Priority!

Our mission at Hawaiian Style Auto Detailing is simple: to provide high-quality services in a timely manner.

Our team caters to each vehicle specific needs to ensure excellence.

Feel free to get in touch today.

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Drive Through Car Wash


Express Detail 

Starting at $80


-Hand Wash

-3 Month Ceramic Paint Coating or Hand Wax
-Quick-Cleaning of Door Jams
-Cleaning of Rims and Tires
-Tire Dressing
-Vacuum Floors
-Windows Inside and Out

Silver Detail Package

 Starting at $200

"Best Value"

-Express Detail Special Plus
-Lightly Clay Bar the Top Surfaces
-Exterior Window Protection
-Complete Vacuum From Front to Trunk
-Wipe Down Dashboard
-Clean Center Console and Cup Holders
-Clean All Door Panels
-Clean and Quick-Shampoo Floor Mats

Gold Detail Package

  Starting at $350

"Deep Clean"

-Express Detail Special Plus
-Clay Bar the Top Surfaces
-Exterior Window Protection
-Front Windshield Polish
-Tar Removal
-Complete Vacuum From Front to Trunk
-Wipe Down Dashboard
-Clean Center Console and Cup Holders
-Clean All Kick Panels
-Clean All Door Panels
-Clean and Shampoo Floor Mats
-Clean and Shampoo All Carpets
-Clean AC Vents
-Vacuum and Clean Seats
-Dress Exterior Moldings
-Wipe Down Seatbelts

Interior Detail

Starting at $150

Attention to Detail

-Complete Vacuum From Front to Trunk

-Vacuum Seats

-Clean Interior Windows
-Wipe Down Dashboard

-Clean Door Panels
-Clean Center Console and Cup Holders
-Clean and Quick-Shampoo Floor Mats

Additional Upgrade Starts at $70

-Clean A/C Vents

-Clean All Kick Panels

-Dress Interior Moldings

-Shampoo/Clean Seats

-Shampoo Upholstery 

-Wipe Down Seatbelts

RV Detailing

Starting at $7/ft

Attention to Detail

-Exterior Wash
-Spray Wax
-Wheels Washed
-Tire Dressing

Upgrade Paint Protection on Any Detail!

8-12months of Protection - Add on $100



Headlight Restoration


Attention to Detail

Restore your headlights to look like new, which increases Safety & Clarity on the Road

Odor Removal


Neutralize Odors

Smoke, Fish, or Rotten Smells are not a Problem for our Odor Removal Process. Get your Car Smelling Brand New Again!!

Pet Hair Removal


Complete Hair Removal

Mention this Add-on when Selling your Vehicle or want all Pet Hair Completely Removed.

Paint Enhancement

(1-Step Paint Correction)

Starting at $200

Per Panel-$50

Enhance your Paint's Gloss

1-Step Paint Correction will Enhance Paint and Remove about 10%-60% of Scratches & Swirls, Possibility of up to 90% Scratch Removal. 

Includes a 1 year Paint Protection Coating

Price Varies on Vehicle Size

2-Step Paint Correction


Starting at $600

Bring Back That New Car Paint

2-Step Paint Correction will Correct about 60-95% of Scratches & Swirls, Possibility of up to 99% Scratch Removal.

Includes a 1 year Paint Protection Coating

Price Varies on Vehicle Size

Ceramic Coating

Holy Grail Ceramic

-2 Year Bronze Coating
-5 Year Silver Coating
-7 Year Gold Coating
-Holy Grail 10 Year Coating
-Lustro Lifetime Coating
-Exterior Glass Coating
-Fabric Coating
-Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Coating

Ceramic Hybrid Coating

  1 Year


Gloss Enhancement

Ideal for Customers New to Ceramic Coatings that want to Experience Coatings without Breaking the Bank.

Hydrophobic & Great Gloss

Price Varies on Vehicle Size

Ceramic-Titanium Hybrid Coating

 2 Year


*Best Deal*

Extremely Glossy & Hydrophobic Creating the "Beading" Effect with Water.

Price Varies on Vehicle Size

Titanium 9H Ceramic Coating

   4-6 Year


"Silky Smooth"

Super Hydrophobic Titanium-Ceramic Coating that Creates a "Silky Smooth" Feeling on the Paints Surface, Increasing the 'Beading" Effect & Maximizing your Paint's Gloss.

Price Varies on Vehicle Size

9H Ceramic Coating

4-6 Year


True Ceramic Coating

9H Ceramic Coating.

Crazy Gloss & Extremely Hydrophobic.

Price Varies on Vehicle Size

Get in Touch

T9/9H Titanium-Ceramic Coating

7-9 Year


"Self Cleaning"

Top of the Line Paint Coating that Lasts up to 9 Years!

Unmatched Gloss & Slickness, Will Increase Reflection & Gloss in All Colors!

Price Varies on Vehicle Size

Plastic Trim Restoration & Protection

2+ Year


'Back to Black"

Our Trim Restoration Process will Bring Faded Plastic Trim Back To Life & Protect it for 2+ Years After Coating Application.

Price Varies on Vehicle Size

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Mr. Stone was very professional in detailing my mazda3 I am very satisfied with my car I recommend Mr. Stone in doing anyone's vehicle at anytime of day.

Vincent Abellanosa


All personal items must be removed

All customers are required to remove personal items from inside their vehicle prior to service. We will not be held responsible for any lost or missing items.  

All prices are subject to change

All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Additionally needed services will in most cases require additional charges, examples (Pet hair removal, stain removal, bug, tar & sap removal, heavily soiled vehicles, odor removal). Additional charges are not limited to these examples.  

All child car seat(s) must be removed

We require that all child car seat(s) be removed and reinstalled by the customer. We are not experts at re-installing child car seats to meet the specifications. If you would like your seat cleaned underneath it, please remove prior to service.  

Stickers, Decals & Components

 We take as much care as possible to avoid damaging stickers decals, and emblems on your vehicle. Unfortunately because of the materials and adhesive’s that are used, we can not guarantee that damages will not occur. In the unlikely situation that damage does occur, we will not be held responsible. 

If there is a failing or almost failing part on/or in your vehicle it may not be able to be cleaned to avoid damages. We require customers to point out any such parts or components prior to servicing your vehicle. If one of our staff members comes across a part or component that was not pointed out by the customer, and may not be cleaned to avoid damage, it will be shown to the customer prior to any cleaning of the part or component.


Hawaiian Style Auto Detailing reserves the right to terminate access to our site and block future use of our services if we deem this Disclaimer has been violated.

By Using our Website or Services You Agree to our Disclaimer

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